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Name of project: Research centre for renewable energy

Beneficiary: FIBAG BIOGAS Kft.
Address of beneficiary: 9751 Vép, Szent Imre u. 42.

Funding body: MAG - Hungarian Economic Development Centre Ltd.
Owner: Hungarian Development Bank Private Limited Company
Address of funding body: 1539 Budapest, Postafiók 684.
Revenue: €20 million (2008)
Staff: 365 persons (2009)

MAG - Hungarian Economic Development Centre (MAG) is Hungary’s intermediate body for economic development programmes financed from European Union resources.
The primary goal of MAG is to provide the highest level of cooperating service for development policy planners and managers, the beneficiaries of the grant programmes and the affected enterprises as well as the realization of goals set down in the business plan.
The MAG - Hungarian Economic Development Centre Private Limited Company (MAG) - is one of the youngest members of the institutional system created by cohesion policy of the European Union.

Operative start: 5th of September 2011
Duration: 3 Years
Project volume: 7.100.000 EURO

Description of project:
The main target of the project is a biogas production in the near future, which is more efficient than the present state of art. Certainly the goal includes the realization of the resulting advantages. On the short run the purpose of the project is the establishment of a research centre in Vép in the region of western Hungary.

On the long run the FIBAG BIOGAS Kft. Plant shall be reproducible under license on a broad Hungarian and international market.

Within the project 16 new Jobs will be created of which twelve of them are for graduated personnel including two PhD positions and four for non-graduated, technical positions. The overhead costs for administration and management is kept low.

The project’s success will certainly make any scientific career among the respective fields a lot more attractive. The perspective of new green jobs will alter the situations in rural areas drastically for the youth. Hence transmigration of the young population in certain areas will shrink and curb regional differences.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • definition of co-substrates
  • higher efficiency of the treatment of the substrates
  • higher effectiveness of fermentation
  • treatment of biogas fertilizer

To achieve these specific objectives FIBAG BIOGAS Kft. has cooperation with Hungarian and Austrian universities and other competence partners.

The current development has to conduce to the basic research as well as to the applied and experimental research.