Profile & Philosophy

FIBAG BIOGAS Kft.supports and develops renewable energy sources to antagonize the exhaustion of natural resources. Our world depends 80 to 90 per cent on fossil energy. These resources are running short and their recovery causes environmental damages.

Current technologies of biogas plants are mostly inflexible. A negligible part of the existing biogas plants produce energy by using agricultural residues or other waste. Hence the economic efficiency of such biogas plants is critically restricted.

We live in a world of partial aspects – science and technique inquire respectively partial aspects and thus offer nearly partial solutions. We hold a holistic approach and aspire to synergy of those partial solutions.

FIBAG BIOGAS Kft. perceives itself as synergetic catalyzer, as a Centre, which reunites existing resolutions of partial aspects. The biogas research provides multitudinous technologies, methods and solutions, yet each company and each institution act like islands for purpose of protecting their own partial answers. Consequently they search for more partial solutions with extravagant expenses. Such required resolution is FIBAG BIOGAS Kft. – the research centre for renewable energy. Here these partial aspects of biogas research are joined in order to generate new synergetic answers.

„The whole is more than the sum of its parts.“