Gender mainstreaming and equality management

By consolidating aspects we create synergetic solutions not only in biogas technology but also in human resource management. There we place emphasis on gender mainstreaming and equality management. The established working conditions and general requirements enable the women and men of our company to develop their capabilities.

Our target is a business company, in which the access of women and men to all working areas and all hierarchy levels is taken for granted.

Based on the holistic research approach we integrate the perspective of equality between women and men in the research and product development. Our society creates different actualities of life for women and men. We seek ways taking this aspect into account. Taking the developing process as example, we ask if women and men differentiate in the requirement and perception of biogas plants and according to this we create innovative solutions.

Not only in science and technology we do not live in a world of partial worlds. According to the motto „The whole being more than the sum of its parts“ we take the challenge bringing together the partial worlds of technology and society.